Delicious individual treats that showcase the Pâtissier’s art

Salvi’s Patisserie uses only quality ingredients. All of our patisseries are made from scratch with the finest ingredients, providing you with the highest quality.

We recognize the importance of protecting the environment for both the present and the future and are continuously looking at ways to bake our way to a greener future.

The customer is our number one priority. Your health & lifestyle choices help us to shape a better future for you.

  • All bakery products
  • Excellent recipe
  • Amazing designs
  • Freshly made daily
  • Prompt service
  • Professional staff 
  • جميع منتجات المخابز
  • وصفات ممتازة
  • تصاميم مذهلة
  • تصنع طازجة يومياً
  • طاقم محترف

We are passionate about bringing you a variety of fresh and quality products.

Freshly made everyday

The annual Uncode publication showcases 100 of the most innovative solutions from every corner of the globe that are working to create a cleaner, greener future and deliver on the Sustainable Development Goals.

Intelligent Energy Management
Green Bonds for Low-Impact Building
Incentivizing Green Commutes for Employees

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